Snooker World No. 2 Maguire Heads Home With An Exciting Three-Year 110sport Contract

Snooker star Stephen Maguire, the 2004 UK Championship victor, foresees an exciting new era with one of the UK’s leading sports management companies after formally leaving in the summer of 2008.

Maguire has signed a promising three-year management deal with Sports Management Company 110Sport. The world No. 2 decided to return to his Stirling-based management company after going solo for a while. Although managing his own affairs has its own advantages, he realised that 110Sport is the perfect team to put his foot down. “I left 110sport to go it alone for a little while, but I realised if I am going to capitalise on my commercial opportunities as a top player, then 110sport is the place to be,” said Maguire.

The 2004 UK Championship title holder looks back to the many happy years he had spent with 110Sport and anticipates a fresh and exciting three-year management.

Maguire is a Scottish professional snooker player who has won four major ranking tournaments. After quickly establishing himself as one of the top snooker players since 1998, he has been on the top rank – the Northern Ireland Trophy crown in Belfast, and the China Open title in Beijing, which he won consecutively last year.

The aggressive Scot has also triumphed on the 2007 UK Championship and although lost to another prolific snooker Ronnie O’sullivan, he finished a good fight in the quarter-finals of last season’s World Championship.

On the other hand, 110Sport appoints the former world champion Welsh snooker player, Terrence ‘Terry’ Griffiths to personally handle their Academy and leading players. Working with Coach Terry is something that Maguire looks forward to with his return to 110Sport. “He’s a good coach and someone a lot of players respect,” the 27-year old snooker pro added.

John Carroll, Director of 110Sport Management, was the person who convinced Maguire to once more pledge his future to the company and is undoubtedly elated with the new deal. “I’m delighted to welcome Stephen back to 110Sport, he is one of the best snooker players in the world and we’re delighted to be managing his affairs,” said Carroll. “He’s spent so many years with us as a youngster; it’s like a homecoming for both parties.”

Watch out for Maguire as he returns to the public eye on Monday afternoon (1:30 P.M.) against Jamie Cope, an English pro snooker, in the Royal London Watches Grand Prix from 11-19th October at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow.