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How to enjoy a cycling life, free of painful injuries

90234Life on the open road is one of joy, and when you enjoy cycling as a pastime, either socially or competitively, then heading out on your bicycle and having a sense of total freedom at hand is something to behold.

Now comes the bad news.

Cycling is one of the main sports out there to cause injury, mainly because of how heavy-going and repetitive it can be. Of course, cycling is great for general health, just like most forms of exercise, however wear and tear over time can lead to painful injury and strain, and in that case, it’s important to seek treatment fast, to stop the problem becoming worse, or more chronic.

Here at Neurobalance, we see and treat countless professional, amateur, and social cyclists, all suffering from a range of problems related to their sport of choice. The good news is that there is help out there, and gentle, holistic chiropractic methods are fantastic for righting any problems within the knees, legs, lower back and shoulders, which are all problem spots related to cycling. Sydney chiropractor, Rachael Veronesi, is highly experienced in dealing with cycling injury, and the ways in which to best treat a problem, helping you get back in the saddle faster.

The knees are generally the most common problem area when it comes to cycling, bearing the brunt and main motion which occurs during a pedalling action. Stretching of the calf and hamstring is also a problem, major muscles which all work to protect this precious and important joint. When a bicycle isn’t set up correctly for a person’s height, overstretching occurs, and this obviously causes injury due to pulled muscles and ligaments. In this case, it’s important not to continue cycling until the problem clears up. Chiropractic comes in very handy here indeed, using gentle adjustments and exercises to restore harmony to the area affected, boosting blood flow, and flexibility, in the most natural way there is.

We also tend to forget that when cycling, we are sitting down, and we know that when sitting for long periods of time, we need to be mindful of our posture. Incorrect posture can cause havoc with the back and shoulders, most commonly causing lower back pain. When cycling, it’s important to maintain the correct posture, to avoid these problems in the first place, however this is also something which chiropractic can help with if strains occur. Postural adjustments, whilst also being mindful of future correct posture, can help put right a strain, allowing freer movement without pain in the future.

If you are a keen cyclist, whether that means you go on competitive rides, or you simply head out into the countryside at the weekend for fun, then you will be eager to learn the ways in which you can reduce the chance of injury, and the ways to naturally treat an injury or strain if one does occur. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then don’t hesitate to call the practice now on 02 9938 5456 to arrange an appointment and discuss your circumstances.