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Prevention is better than cure. Why you should be seeking to prevent a back problem

876823Backs are complicated things; they give us structure, allow us to move, and give us a firm foundation on which to live our lives freely, however they are also a serious pain when things go wrong with them, creating a distressing set of circumstances for however long the problem persists.

Back pain is a very prevalent issue these days, and statistics show that this is a problem which is on the rise, thought to be due to our lifestyles these days. Even the younger generations are showing signs of developing back problems so early on in their lives, which doesn’t give much hope for the future. It’s because of this worrying problem that we should be seeking ways to reduce the possibility of back pain developing.

Ringwood chiropractic, Dr Tracey Lademann, is highly experienced and committed to helping those who not only have a current back problem, but also those who are seeking advice in order to prevent one developing at some point in the future. Chiropractic care has been shown to be fantastic in helping those currently suffering with a back problem, using gentle spinal manipulations and alignment techniques to correct imbalances, and kick-start the body’s own natural healing processes. After a firm diagnosis has been made, often following tests and possible x-rays, effective treatment can begin.

Of course, the best treatment out there is obviously prevention, and if you can stop a problem occurring in the first place you’re onto a winner. It’s not as difficult as you might think to put into place a few methods to prevent back pain, and a lot of it comes down to lifestyle advice, and being conscious of how you sit and move.

Lifting objects incorrectly is one of the main causes of back injury and pain, so making sure you lift correctly is obviously a good starting point. Always bend your knees and use your stomach muscles to protect your back. Keep the object you’re lifting close to your body and move upwards with your knees once more. Safe lifting techniques can certainly save back injuries. On top of this, correct posture, avoiding twisting movements, and sleeping comfortably will help you eradicate strains.

General healthy lifestyle advice can go a long way to helping with back pain problem prevention too, such as drinking plenty of water to hydrate the body and oil the intervertebral discs, maintaining a healthy weight to avoid putting pressure on the back, and taking part in regular exercise, making sure you warm up and cool down every time. These are all simple adjustments you can make to your daily life, to help cut down on the chances of sustaining a back problem.

Treatment for an existing issue which is causing you pain is obviously harder than prevention, but chiropractic measures have been shown to be gentle and effective in relieving pain. If you are suffering from an existing problem or you are at all worried about how your lifestyle could lead to a potential problem in the future, call the practice now on 03 9095 7990 to arrange an appointment.